SM&D accounts for its work to beneficiaries and funding partners.

SM&D works result oriented and programs are extensively monitored and evaluated internally and externally.

An external evaluation came to the conclusion that SM&D “is monitoring its outputs and assessing its impact, of which there is abundant evidence. Its practice is sound and effective.

The real value of SM&D’s contribution to Lesotho is difficult to fully appreciate and gauge. By continuing to initiate difficult conversations, plant seeds of changing awareness, raise consciousness through competing for media attention and space its impact will continue to grow exponentially…

SM&D is a voice and an impulse for development. By engaging at the deeply personal level, it challenges and shifts violence driven relationships that shape society.” (Evaluation report by James Taylor, CDRA, November 2015)

By continuously questioning and improving existing practices, SM&D applies its methodology (Learning Cycle) not only towards audiences during facilitated film screenings but also internally to draw learnings from conducted activities.

More detailed insight into SM&D’s activities and results can be found here:

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