Group picture of SM&D at the new film launch
Group picture of SM&D at the new film launch

SM&D is a non-governmental organization based in Maseru, Lesotho. It has evolved over the past 16 years – since 1999.
SM&D was born out of a knowledge and understanding of Lesotho, its people and its history and a realization of the power of appropriate locally produced film and facilitated discussion to engage people in exploring and understanding themes, challenging and shifting attitudes and behaviours, and disseminating information in support of human rights.

SM&D operates countrywide through mobile cinema units, a team of trainers, trained facilitators and external experts on the issues that are being addressed.
SM&D has established partnerships with diverse organisations, both locally and internationally.

Networking and partnering with local organisations improves the organisation’s capacity to supply the growing demand for SM&D’s services across Lesotho.

Foreign partners have been very helpful in three particular domains: funding, capacity building of staff and offering platforms to network and exchange experiences with other organisations.

Once a year, SM&D organizes the Lesotho Film Festival to give a platform to local filmmakers to showcase their talents and works.

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